fiwe 2018
21—23.09.2018 r.

Warsaw expo xxi


Exploration of the Polish fitness market by foreign brands

The Polish fitness market is considered to be of one of the biggest potential in Europe. This year, the number of fitness club members in Poland has exceeded 2,910,000 people (comparing to the leader,  Germany – 10,610,000 people) with a potential to grow. After all, there are 38 million of us! Undoubtedly, the potential of […]

It is time to present you lovelier part of FIWE Fitness Trade Show 2018 5th jubilee edition.

Gosia Gałkowska joining to FIWE Team and become ambassadors of our trade show! I place Poland Chamionships 2017 Fit Model, IFBB II place Poland Champ [...]

Tavi Castro joined FIWE Team


He will visit Poland and come to FIWE – Fitness Trade Show! This is not the end of surprises! We invite five most popular fitness stars in the world [...]

Great News! IronMaxx Nutrition GmbH become our exhibitor.

This German producer of supplements was founded in 2004, since then it is hard to imagine the fitness sector without IronMaxx®. Welcome on our board!

We spread cooperation with our partner – KSW federation.

We cooperarte with the biggest ones and we learn from the best ones. This is our motto from over 5 years. We decided to take our trade show to higher [...]

5 th edition , 5 years cooperation! Michal Karmowski – FIWE Ambassador

Multiple medalist of the Polish Championships in Bodybuilding in the category above 100 kg, the Silver Medalist of the European Championships, and als [...]

Introduce yourself to Fitness Industry!

BOOM! Totally new formula of the contest called FIWE FUTURE STAR has started! An excellent contest with connection of competition and audience rating! [...]

Fiwe 2018
21—23.09.2018 r.
expo XXI

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