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About FIWE

FIWE Fitness Trade Show – the biggest fitness business meeting in Poland! FIWE FITNESS TRADE SHOW is the fastest growing event in Fitness&Wellness industry in Central-Eastern Europe. It is a place to buy, a place to unite the fitness industry and create global markets. FIWE fitness trade show is an event that connects business trade show with its aim to present and promote a wide range of fitness and wellness products, accessories, and services in one place and one time in front of local and foreign visitors, place of inspiration and knowledge to run a business. At the same time, it is a big show for sport fans who have a good opportunity to meet and greet their idols. Visitors can take part in a number of educational conference such as FIWE Experts, FIWE Diet, FIWE Training, FIWE Presonal Trainer, FIWE Business. and accompanying events such as FIWE Fitness zone , FIGHT Arena ZoneShopping MallBody Building championships, Street Workout ChampionshipsArm Wrestling Championships. FIWE Fitness Trade Show promotes Sport for everyone!


Fiwe 2021
11 — 12.09.2021
expo XXI

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