fiwe 2020
18 — 20.09.2020 r.

Warsaw expo xxi

Ceo Meetings

A casual meeting of the owners of fitness club networks attending the meeting at the personal invitation. An intimate atmosphere will be conductive to addressing the current state of the fitness market in Poland in an exclusive group of people.

The participants will include names such as:
– Aleksandra Tokarewicz – CEO of OK System Polska S.A. / CEO Medicover Benefits Sp. z o.o,
– Małgorzata Burdziełowska – Operational Director of Fitness Academy,
– Mateusz Pazdan – President of the SFD.SA board
– Łukasz Dojka – CEO of Xtreme Fitness Gyms,
– Mikołaj Nawacki – President and founder of Calypso Fitness,
– Radosław Jarmuła – President of the TUF Fitness company, responsible for the introduction of Orangetheory to Poland,
– Maciej Wolny – Owner of TOP GYM,
– Sebastian Goszcz – Industry expert,
– Krystian Kempa – Industry expert,
– Jarrod Saracco – Fitness industry consultant,
– Wojciech Szwarc – Member of the board Benefit Systems SA

How can you benefit from participating in the meeting?

A discussion on the current state of the fitness market in Poland. The presentation of solutions of important topics and issues.

Dedicated to

Owners and Managers of fitness clubs/centers in Poland and abroad


13.09 2019 ( Friday – business day) , conference room C, 1 floor, Hall  no 2


Fiwe 2020
18 — 20.09.2020 r.
expo XXI

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