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Business Networking Zone / Coctail Party



Only B2B visitors






  • you will make new friends
  • you will gain valuable business contacts
  • you will become familiar with the exhibitors’ offer
  • you will conduct business talks in comfortable conditions



September 10 – 12, Expo XXI





The Networking Zone is a place that connects entrepreneurs. Thanks to a special application, each participant will be able to meet contractors perfectly tailored to their business profile.

This will not only make it easier to establish new contacts, but also allow to compare competitors’ offers, attract potential investors and open you to a new customer.

This zone is connected with a cocktail party, which in an unforgettable, slightly looser atmosphere and with tasty catering will allow you to talk freely about the future of business.

The guests will include, among others, manufacturers and distributors of fitness equipment and software, representatives of companies supplying supplements, nutrients and clothing, as well as investors and managers of fitness clubs in Poland.

Fiwe 2021
10 — 12.09.2021
expo XXI

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