fiwe 2020
18 — 20.09.2020

Warsaw expo xxi

CrossFit competition


Crossfit athletes



Participation in professional crossfit competitions



September 19, Expo XXI



FIWE is a variety of disciplines that we present during the best holiday of sport! During the 7th edition there will also be the most crowded CrossFit competitions in Poland, during which the best Athletes will compete against each other at the great CrossFit Arena. However, every enthusiast will find something for themselves!
CrossFit is hard, intensive work, but it is effective and popular among trade fair participants. Specially designated CrossFit training zones give everyone the opportunity to compete!
Get ready to showcase your skills this special sports weekend!

A great event during which we compete in the CrossFit formula, but in addition, we integrate people with each other through slow-time activities and in the manner in which social relationships are built.

CrossFit competition is not only competition, but also good fun and the opportunity to test the latest and professional equipment. Each year the event integrates players in different INDIVIDUAL and TEAM age categories. During the competition, athletes create a spectacle from which fans can not take their eyes off proving their fitness and greatness in the world of Fitness. A fit body and fitness is not all you can expect. Scheduled murderous trainings, varied exercises prepared by the organizers are also part of the spectacle in which dozens of competitors from all over the country take part. They surprise with efficiency and strength because they want to be called the most athletic and versatile athletes.

Show everyone what you can do!

Fiwe 2020
18 — 20.09.2020
expo XXI

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