fiwe 2020
18 — 20.09.2020

Warsaw expo xxi

FIWE BodyBuilding


Competitors Bodybuilders
Bodybuilding and Fitness fans





High cash prizes
Medals and diplomas confirmed by PZKFiTS
PZKFiTS federation title





September 18-20, Expo XXI






The MOST IMPORTANT Bodybuilding Competition in Poland will take place during the FIWE Fitness Trade Show! As Organizers of the 7th edition of the fair, we are preparing for you the largest event in the history of figure sports in 2020! FIWE is an annual international class competition during which you will meet nearly 300 competitors, cash prizes reach record sums, and there are NO events on a larger scale in the whole country!

For the first time in the history of figure sports, together with the Polish Bodybuilding, Fitness and Powerlifting Association we will organize 3 different top-level bodybuilding competitions:

  1. Slodkiewicz Classic
  2. Polish Cup in KiF
  3. Debuts Rematch Edition

It will be an unforgettable weekend!

Detailed information on individual professions will be provided soon.

Fiwe 2020
18 — 20.09.2020
expo XXI

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