fiwe 2020
18 — 20.09.2020

Warsaw expo xxi

FIWE e-Commerce


Owners and managers of warehouses,
stationary and online stores






You will gain practical knowledge
to do to make your business rise
above the competition standards.

You will learn how to
lead a marketing campaign step by step,
how to sell effectively
and care for your brand image


September 18, Expo XXI







FIWE e-Commerce is a conference that meets customers’ expectations. It was created to quench the desire to constantly expand the range and acquire additional knowledge by the warehouse management staff, owners of stationary and online stores. Entrepreneurs will learn how to optimize costs, increase sales profits and, above all, be up to date with the constant changes that are currently taking place on the market.

For some time we have been observing the dynamic development of e-commerce in the world, as well as in Poland – especially in the food and clothing industry. The forecasts are that within 8 years e-commerce will account for 40% of total sales, which is a great opportunity for stationary stores operating in the fitness industry. We can see that more and more companies are deciding to transfer their sales to the network, which is associated with the optimization of the costs of running their own business.

New technologies mean that the trade sector is constantly changing, business models are updated and thus customer relationships are changing. Such constant change and being up to date with new products is one of the most serious challenges for the fitness industry in the coming years.

Fiwe 2020
18 — 20.09.2020
expo XXI

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