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Exploration of the Polish fitness market by foreign brands

The Polish fitness market is considered to be of one of the biggest potential in Europe. This year, the number of fitness club members in Poland has exceeded 2,910,000 people (comparing to the leader,  Germany – 10,610,000 people) with a potential to grow. After all, there are 38 million of us!

Undoubtedly, the potential of the Polish fitness market has also been noted by foreign sport brands, so far absent from the Polish market.

FIWE Fitness Trade Show fairs, which have become the leader among the events in the fitness sector in Poland, give an opportunity to present new brands the Polish audience. The fairs are widely recognized abroad, which is proved by the interest to participate expressed by foreign visitors.

For many years, the fairs have been exhibiting product and services of such players as Top Gym – official distributor of Life Fitness in Poland, Hammer Strength , Matrix, Swedish Supplements, Burg, Vision Body, Fit.TV or Scitec Nutrition. Now, this group will be extended by new brands, so far absent from the Polish market.

In September, Iron Maxx Nutrition, a brand recognised all around the world, will come to Poland to present its offer at a large stand at FIWE fairs. Those who are familiar with the brand from other fairs abroad know that the stand of Iron Maxx is really impressive and the great show they perform always include many international stars. During the business day at FIWE fairs, Iron Maxx will definitely announce a very good offer for the Polish distributors (Friday, 21 September 2018).

Another new exhibitor, so far absent from the Polish market, will be PURE POWER – Sports Wear. It is
a Polish manufacturer of professional, comfortable sport wear and thermal clothing, selling its products in the Netherlands.

Every brand participating in FIWE fairs (over 230 exhibitors) will present their main and most competitive offer on 21 September (Friday) during the fairs’ business day.

On this day, all 4 halls will be open for entrepreneurs, and a new business hall with a dedicated entrance and a parking lot will host the presentations of new products.

For the participants who would like to have a business meeting before the fairs star, the organiser has launched FIWE MATCHMAKING platform, presenting people holding decision-making positions, participating in the fairs as exhibitors.

On the same day, the visitors will also find a Dedicated Business VIP zone, ensuring comfortable conditions for the meetings with contractors. There will be a separate room with catering service. Among the Guests, there will be Manufacturers and Distributors of fitness equipment and software, representatives of the companies providing nutrients, supplements and sport wear, investors and managers of fitness clubs in Poland. The entry to the zone will be also accessible for all the exhibitors. Once again, FIWE EXPERTS, an exclusive sector-related conference dedicated for everyone who wants to start their business or looks for proven solutions for their business activity will take place. It will be a great compendium of professional, proven and unique knowledge provided by experts who achieve real, measurable results.



Fiwe 2019
20—22.09.2019 r.
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