The ninth edition of FIWE was a success.

30 thousand visitors, 500 fitness stars, almost 250 exhibitors.

There is no such event anywhere else in Europe! FIWE Fitness Trade Show is the largest fitness trade show brand on the Old Continent. The ninth edition of the event once again proved that the title of leader did not come to her by chance.

The ninth edition of the FIWE Fitness Trade Show was unique. It was possible thanks to colaboration with the Go Active Show. In addition, its motive was… the battle of the genders know as Sex Battle. Sport is a safe space where everyone should feel welcome. It connects, but also allows you to compete, test your own skills and push the boundaries. That is why the two days of FIWE (10- 11.09.2022) were filled with attractions dedicated to both genders.

Competitions and learning. FIWE filled to the max

The ninth edition of FIWE was full of attractions. The event started with the NPC Polish Open Championship and FIWE Debuts. Fans could watch the biggest strongmen in the country or… participate in pole dance workshops organized by Kasia Bielecka. On Saturday, there was also the Warsaw Granda, one of the most famous combat sports tournaments in the capital, and the Fitness Industry Congress dedicated to those who wanted to update the knowledge base on running a business.

There was also a compendium of knowledge in the field of training and diet for all interested, i.e. the “Training & Diet” conference. Those who, in turn, wanted to bet on knowledge in the field of working in social media could also take advantage of adequate workshops. Saturday’s sports emotions were also raised by the participants of the Ninja Series, who struggled with an extremely complicated obstacle course. People who wanted to work on their bodies could take advantage of the Tiger Street Workout Poland Championships.

A day later, the participants enjoyed the final struggle of the aforementioned accompanying events, as well as the Słodkiewicz Classic Competition and stage posing workshops.

FIWE in numbers

The ninth edition of the FIWE Fitness Trade Show was unique. It was visited by as many as 30,000 participants who could meet 500 fitness stars. 150,000 m2 of PTAK Warsaw Expo turned into the world capital of fitness visited by 250 exhibitors.

Such a great success of FIWE is an announcement of the next edition that will take place already on September 9-10, 2023!

It is worth writing this date in your calendar, because at this moment the following companies are already with us: Bolero, Kynett, Eye Shield, Zmiany, energy bars, Raw Nutrition, Hammer Tech, Top Gym, EMS, Bemer, 3DA Dominika Sierpowska, Schiele Sport, 3Flow Solutions, Marti TEAM.