Christmas is a moment of meetings with the family, gifts and ... food. It is also a moment of laziness. How to take care of yourself during this time? Learn about the exercises for fit holidays.

There is a time of the year that allows you to take a break from the daily bustle and rhythm that you live for twelve months. Christmas is associated with family gatherings, twelve dishes, sweet laziness and lots of gifts. One of them for some is the extra pounds that have to be dealt with for the next few weeks. And yes – there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone deserves debauchery and enjoying the delicacies prepared by themselves and their loved ones during the holidays. However, if we want to stay in shape even at this time, there are several effective ways to do so. Learn about the exercises for fit holidays.



Even without leaving the house, you can keep in shape during the holidays. The point is not to tire your body with a high heart rate, but to keep your body moving and not let it stop you. And since there is a lot of time during the holidays, the lack of it is not an excuse.

It is worth adding that even a small amount of physical activity supports the natural digestive processes, has a positive effect on the intestinal peristalsis and ensures better burning of the absorbed calories. This means that it is not only a good alternative for sports enthusiasts, but also for those who do not want to feel the overeating and heaviness that usually comes from eating Christmas dishes.


It is worth starting the exercise kit with a planner. Why? Because it involves many parts of the body and muscles. Thanks to the minute spent in this position, the body will warm up a bit and will be ready for more intense activities.


Classic ones, with straight backs, will help to sculpt the lower body. Thanks to them, the thighs will be strong, the joints warmed, and the muscles will not be found. It is worth trying to make 30 in one series.


Another exercise on the lower body is the leg raises. To perform them, you need to kneel down, rest the weight of your body on one leg, and lift the other leg upwards bent at a right angle. 50 lifts per leg is enough in one series. This exercise works especially on the back muscles of the legs.


They finish the game dedicated to legs and are effective killers of Christmas donuts. Scissors are made lying on one side and lifting the upper leg. In what frequency to do them? 50 repetitions and a leg change.


They give your legs a rest and strengthen your hands. Push-ups are invaluable in your daily exercise routine. They also work well for the abdominal muscles. We suggest 20 repetitions.

If you manage to do two or three series of the above exercises, you can be sure that it will be a fit Christmas!

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