The next edition of FIWE Fitness Trade Show will be different than all the others. This time we want to emphasize that sport is for everyone. Not only live fights, fashion shows and meetings with stars await the participants, but also specially prepared zones - for women and men. Event password? Sex Battle!

Sport is inclusive, it connects, not divides. It is for everyone. It is a safe space where everyone should feel at ease and find something for themselves. And although it often seems, especially in bodybuilding and strength sports, that men are in the upper hand, women also have a voice.


The next edition of FIWE 2022 will be held under the banner of Sex Battle. Each participant and each of the participants can get ready for… gender competition in the form of challenges and quizzes during the event. Which will be better? The results will be able to be followed in real time during the FIWE!

In addition to the previously known attractions (bodybuilding competitions, fights and live tournaments – meetings with stars, a rich exhibition zone, thematic conferences), special zones dedicated to women and men will also be organized, as well as panels that will introduce sports and dietary topics close to both sexes.

A novelty at FIWE will be Pole Dance Workshops led by Pole Sport Polish and European champion Kasia Bielecka . Kasia works as an instructor every day, conducting classes, lessons and workshops in many cities in Poland. In September you will have the opportunity to get to know this fascinating discipline, and also learn a few figures on the pipe under the supervision of a champion!

For men, we are preparing a lot of emotions during the Brazilian Ju Jitsu Tournament . It is a martial art derived from judo and wrestling. It is enriched with techniques that allow you to knock your opponent to the ground and gain complete control over him by blocking his movements. For this purpose, levers, stews and immobilizing grips are used. During FIWE you will have the opportunity to watch these struggles!

Another novelty during FIWE 2022 will be a conference prepared especially for the needs of martial arts competitors. We will also look for the face of the tenth, jubilee edition of the FIWE Fitness Trade Show, which will have the opportunity to contact a professional modeling agency.


What’s more, during FIWE 2022, participants will be able to acquire the latest knowledge in the field of fitness. What should insulin resistance training look like? How to exercise during PMS? What physical activity promotes the normalization of thyroid hormones and works well for Hashimoto’s disease? How does yoga help with menstrual cramps and how to choose weights to slim selected parts of the body? These topics, among others during the FIWE conference, will be discussed by the best specialists in Poland.


As every year, FIWE will be a compendium of knowledge on running a business in the fitness industry. Thematic conferences, expert debates and extensive case studies are the basis on which it is easier to take the next steps in the company’s development.

What topics will be discussed during the lecture? Experienced speakers with many successes in the industry will focus, among others, on the advantages and disadvantages of a lump sum, market analysis in the context of the most effective marketing activities in the fitness industry or an effective plan for developing your own business in the fitness industry. In addition, they will reveal ways to even triple your earnings in the profession of a personal trainer within a few weeks and will tell you how to modify the sales funnel in social media to enjoy high advertising effectiveness.

FIWE 2022 Sex Battle

The 9th edition of the FIWE Fitness Trade Show will be held on September 10-11, 2022.

Master password? “Sex Battle” or gender rivalry. Attractions will be prepared for both men and women. There will also be competitions and competitions in which participants will be able to test their strength. What else awaits visitors? Even more exhibitors, sports competitions, concerts and attractions! All this in a new place – PTAK Warsaw Expo, thanks to which FIWE will be even more impressive!

We invite you today!

FIWE Fitness Trade Show
September 10-11, 2022
PTAK Warsaw Expo
More information: fiwe.pl

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