Strength Lies in Nutrition: Fitatu® App at FIWE Trade Fair!

The Most Popular Fitatu® Calorie Calculator Will Appear at the FIWE Fitness Trade Show!Train with passion and eat with passion, and Fitatu® will assist you in this! It's the simplest calorie calculator that can play a crucial role in your efforts to improve your physique and nutrition. This app will become your reliable partner on the journey to achieving your nutritional goals.

Customized to Your Needs

One of the key advantages of Fitatu® is the ability to tailor it to individual user needs. After installation, the app requests basic information and nutritional goals: weight loss, muscle gain, or maintaining current physique. Based on this, it calculates caloric needs and macronutrient distribution.

With Fitatu®, everything is simple.

Achieving physique goals starts with controlling consumed calories. Fitatu® allows you to count calories in an intuitive and quick way. Just scan the barcode of a product or enter its name, and the app will provide information about calories and macronutrients. Fitatu® offers the largest database of products and dishes in Poland, along with practical Polish measurements like pieces, glasses, handfuls, slices, etc. This way, you can track calorie intake in real-time and easily manage your diet.

Track Progress and Achieve Goals

Fitatu® allows you to track progress in both nutrition and exercise. The app generates clear charts and statistics that help you assess whether you’re getting closer to your goals. This boosts motivation and makes the whole process more tangible

Fitatu® Premium - Even More Possibilities

The Fitatu® app offers a free version, but for those who want to reach their goals faster, Fitatu® Premium is available. It’s a plan that grants access to all additional features. It allows you to use an extended database of recipes, sync with fitness apps, and add a widget with information about remaining calories for the day to your phone’s home screen.

Fitatu® as a Tool for Trainers and Dietitians

The Fitatu® app can serve as a supporting tool for trainers and dietitians. We will delve into this topic during our panel discussion at the conference, taking place on Saturday, September 9th, 2023, at 3:15 PM as part of the trade fair.