Polish Open NPC Championship & FIWE Debuts

Saturday, 09.09.2022, time. 10:00

Competition organizers:

For the another time, FIWE, together with Robert Piotrkowicz, organizes the Polish edition of the open competition of the largest and strongest federation in bodybuilding and fitness in the world – NPC Worldwide & IFBB Proffesional League for all physique athletes from Poland, and at the same time gives the opportunity for the first ever start for amateurs and beginners players in the rookie competition as part of FIWE Debuts.
NPC Worldwide amateur competitions are open to both non-affiliated competitors and competitors from all national and international federations without any restrictions, qualifications or permits. During each edition of the NPC championship, the competitor has the right to start in any number of main categories First Timer, Beginner, Novice, Junior, Master, Open/Senior.
In each of these six categories, he has the right to start in two freely chosen body contours.
You can choose any two competitions

Bodybuilding competitions:

· Women’s Bikini
· Women’s Wellness
· Women’s Figure
· Women’s Physique
· Women’s Fitness
· Women’s Bodybuilding
· Men’s Physique
· Men’s Classic Physique
· Men’s Bodybuilding


· True Novice
· Beginner
· Novice
· Junior
· Master
· Open / Senior

FIWE Debuts can be entered by people taking part for the first time in bodybuilding competitions of any federation (category First Timers) and debutants of other federations from previous years starting for the first time in the NPC federation (categories Beginner and Novice). Competitors taking part in FIWE Debuts in the First Timer, Beginner and Novice categories can start simultaneously (at the same event) in other categories, Junior, Master, Open / Senior. Registration for the NPC competition at FIWE begins June 1, 2022