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    Regulations for exhibitors

    FIWE Fitness Trade Show

    §1. General Provisions
    Regulations apply to all Exhibitors (reffered to as „Exhibitors”) of FIWE Trade Show –„International Fitness&Wellness Trade Show” (reffered to as „Trade Show”) organized in Poland by International Center of Events Sp.z.o.o. located in Kazimierza Gierdziejewskiego Street 7/48, 02-495 Warsaw, Poland, VAT No PL5223039295, REGON 362582817 (referred to as „Organizer”).
    Regulations are integral part of the registration form at FIWE Trade Show.
    Exhibitors must obey all terms and regulations of FIWE Trade Show area.
    The participants of the Trade Show can be the exhibitors and have to present the offer in line with the theme of the Trade Show.

    §2. Conclusion of an agreement to participate in FIWE Trade Show
    Participation is based on registration form that has to be completed and signed by an authorized representative of the Exhibitor.
    An Exhibitor shall fill out a declaration of will to participate in the Trade Show by handing or sending by email/post a completed and signed, by a person authorized to represent the Exhibitor, Application Form. Person/persons signing the Application Form declare, at the same time, that they are duly authorized to conclude contracts on behalf of the Exhibitor. Sending signed and completed Application Form means that these Regulations and the Organizer`s offer, which form an integral part of the agreement on participation in the Trade Show, have been read and accepted.
    Conclusion of an agreement to participate in FIWE Trade Show takes place when an Exhibitor sends, by post or e-mail, an Application Form, completed and signed. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the Application Form for any reason. In this case, there is no conclusion of any agreement between the Parties.
    The procedure stated above also applies to any additional services ordered by the Exhibitor. If orders are placed later that 21 days before the Trade Show, Organizer might either not fill the order or an Exhibitor will have to pay 50% more of regular prices.
    In case of payment delays and financial debt, Organizer has a right to refuse Exhibitor’s particiption in the Trade Show. Moreover, it means that Organizer fulfilled obligations of the contract.

    §3. Payments
    Terms of payment, due to participation in FIWE Trade Show, are specified in the application form.
    The Organizer, within the statutory term, will issue a proper VAT invoice to the Exhibitor. Upon request of an Exhibitor, Organizer can issue a proforma invoice before the payment is made.
    In case of payment delays, Organizer will be entitled to additional interest of debt shown in the art. 359 & 21 of the Civil Code.
    The exhibitor is obligated to start the visa process in advance. If the consulate makes a negative decision and the exhibitor shows formal documents, the organiser will return the payment for the trade show, provided they will be delivered one month beforehand. The consequences of a negative decision is the revocation of participation, but the exhibitor has to make a payment accordding to the agreement between himself and the organiser. The organiser does not take responsibility if the decision is negative.

    §4. Exhibition Area
    Exhibitor has a right to choose the size and location of exhibition area before completing and signing Application Form. It is based on Organizer’s ability and technical conditions.
    Exhibitor acknowledges that all locations of the exhibition area have the same value and, therefore, Organizer can change the location of the exhibition area without any agreement and no claim against Organizer will be accepted.

    §5. Subexhibitors
    Exhibitor has a right to sublet a part or the whole exhibition space to another entity (subexhibitor) upon written agreement with Organizer and payment of an additional fee mentioned in the application form.
    Exhibitor takes full responsibility of all acts and omissions of both himself and subexhibitor.
    If Exhibitor will not inform the Organizer about sublet of the exhibition area, he will pay a penalty which is equal to 50% of contract value.

    §6. Resignation from participation in Fiwe Trade Show
    Exhibitor can withdraw from the contract upon payment of recompensation, 70% of total payment if more than 3 months before FIWE Trade Show and 85% of total payment if less than 3 months before FIWE Trade Show. Declaration of withdrawal is valid only upon written statement and payment of recompensation. Otherwise, Exhibitor has to cover 100% of total payment.

    §7. Advertisement
    Each Exhibitor has a right to expose and advertise their goods and services only in the assigned area and in the way that does not interefere with neighboring booths. Exhibitors are not allowed to use audio system and additional lighting that will disturb others.
    All Exhibitors have a right to expose goods and services beside the assigned area only if this advertisement included in advertisement offer was bought.
    Depending on the type of the ordered package and other advertising services, each Exhibitor and Subexhibitor is required to forward to the Organizer their contact data, the content of advertising and electronic files with graphics, logos, trademarks and other materials subject to publication by the Organizer in connection with the organization or promotion of the Fair, no later than 30 days before the Trade Show, under pain of releasing the Organizer from the obligation of publication, still reserving the right to remuneration of publication.
    The Organizer may refuse to publish the materials connected with the organizing the event given to him by the Exhibitor for publication, if he finds that these materials infringe the legitimate interests of the Organizer or other participants of the Trade Show, the rights of third parties, generally applicable rules of law or morality, and yet the Parties consider that the Organiser duly complied with the obligation to publish them.
    The Exhibitor is solely responsible for the content of advertisement and promotional materials provided and later published by both Parties, Organizer and Exhibitor.
    Each Exhibitor has to inform Organizer and receive written consent in order to take photos and record films during Trade Show.
    Organizer get permission to use logotypes and graphics for marketing aims.

    §8. Responsibility
    Organizer is liable only for damages to the Exhibitor or another participant of the Fair which are caused by deliberate action of the Organizer or a person acting on his behalf.
    Each Exhibitor is responsible for strict liability for any damage caused to the Organizer or third parties by the Exhibitor or any person acting on ihis behalf, or representing his rights.
    Each Exhibitor shall immediately notify the Organiser in case of occurrence of any event causing the damage or threat of damage.
    Organizer recommends the Exhibitors to conclude relevant insurance agreements regarding the risks associated with the Fair and third party insurance for damage caused in connection with participation in the Fair.

    §9. Booth- Project, Assembly, Disassembly
    In case of purchase an ‘open space’ booth the Exhibitor will construct the exhibition booth on his own and at his own cost. Each Exhibitor can purchase an additional day for assembling the booth. In that case, Organizer has to be informed at least 30 days before the Trade Show. The construction of the stand in as well as outside the exhibition hall, refers to the terms and conditions of the building that it is placed in.
    Assembling the booth will take place the day before trade show 10.09.2021 (Friday). Exact mounting hours will be given for Exhibitor not later than 7 days before trade show.
    In case where an Exhibitor will not finish assembling the booth before the start of the Trade Show, an Exhibitor has to pay financial penalty equal to 1 000 pln netto per each hour of delay.
    Disassembly takes place on the last day of the Trade Show , hours given by Organizer. In other case, an Exhibitor has to pay financial penalty equal 1 000 pln netto per each hour.
    An Exhibitor covers the cost of electricity supply applied to organization of the Trade Show.
    An Exhibitor has to send to Organizer for approval all informations mentioned below 30 days before the Trade Show:
    project of the booth, 3 pictures/drawings, with indication of electric installations, their material specification and certificate of flammability as well as media and internet connections.
    electric installations project has to be made by a person with right qualifications.
    data of the company that will assembly the booth and all other installations.
    An Exhibitor may begin the assembly and disassembly of the booth after receiving an approval from Organizer’s representative who also has a right interrupt that process upon violation of all rights and regulations of Trade Show.
    It is forbidden to do welding, grinding etc. that might cause dusting or fire hazard.
    Each Exhibitor is obliged to keep their area safe and clean.
    Each Exhibitor is obliged to comply with legal and technical standards of construction, installation, safety, sanitation, and fire protection.
    Assembly and disassembly is allowed only within the period of time given by Organizer.
    It is prohibited damage/change the structure and coatings of walls, floor, and other area of the Halls where Trade Show takes place.
    When Trade Show is over each exhibitor is obliged to leave their area in the same conditions as was given before the Trade Show. It is not allowed to leave any dirt/glue after taking off the tape on the floor. Otherwise, Exhibitor has to pay financial penalty, 50 pln netto per each square meter for tape/ glue and 500 pln netto for each square meter of dirty surface.

    §10. Booth Organization
    The Exhibitor is obliged to open the booth for public during Trade Show.
    If the presentation on the booth is conducted with the use of any tracks, the Exhibitor is obliged to regulate his own issues of copyright and related rights to the tracks.
    The volume of the multimedia present at the Trade Show will be specified individually in the Exhibitor’s Card. If exhibitor will cross this limits, after two wornings Organiser can stop temporarily or completely delivering electric energy to the booth. As a last resort Organiser can impose a financial penalty – 720 €.
    Replacing or supplementing the exposition on the booth, cleaning the booth and the adjacent area can only be made off the opening hours of the Trade Show.
    Organizer’s Representative may tell the Exhibitor to remove from the booth elements posing a threat to the safety of people/property, breaching of good manners, or in any way disturbing the Trade Show.
    All Exhibitor`s promotional activities may take place only within the booth and may not interfere other Exhibitors or the Trade Show.

    §11. Organizational Regulations
    All participants are required to comply with the Trade Show standards, safety rules, fire and sanitation and all other regulations applicable to the Trade Show.
    Each Exhibitor is obliged to follow the instructions and commands issued by Organizer.
    The Trade Show area is a non-smoking area and the use of open fire and heating appliances is forbidden. It is also forbidden to carry arms, ammunition, explosives, and irritant/fire hazard substances.
    It is forbidden to obstruct evacuation routes and access roads/ways to the fire equipment.
    Each Exhibitor and his Staff members are required to wear identification card issued by the Organizer as well as undergo control procedures conducted on behalf of Organizer.

    §12. Complaints
    All complaints should be immediately reported to the Organizer in written form not later than disassembling the booth. After that, all other complaints will expire.

    §13. Final Provisions
    The Organizer reserves the right to change the date, place and even to cancel the Trade Show. The Exhibitor will be informed immediately about any changes of the Trade Show. If the Trade Show will be canceled, Organizer will return all the advaned payments to the Exhibitor.
    The Exhibitor acknowledges that the Organizer has not made any assurances or warranties relating to economic outcome resulting from participation in the Trade Show and will not have, in that case, any claims to the Organizer.
    An agreement of participation in the Trade Show is governed and interpreted by and remains in accordance to Polish law. Any dispute between the Parties arising from this agreement shall be settled by a court of law, competent for the City of Warsaw, art. 185 of Civil Code.
    The Trade Show is payable and entrance is possible after showing a valid entrance ticket or ID issued by the Organizer. Minors under the age of 18 may attend the Trade Show only with an adult who is full responsible for their safety.
    All participants are obliged to behave in an appropriate and safe manners. At the same time, ‘Regulations of the Trade Show’ must be obeyed.
    Security members as well as Organizer’s Staff are entitled to deny entrance or to remove from the Trade Show anyone under the influence of alcohol and any other drugs.
    The Organizer has a right to record the image and behaviour of people participating in the Trade Show and may use/publish those materials, share it on the official website, Facebook profile etc. or even share them with law enforcement authorities if needed.
    The Trade Show has a business character. Therefore, all participants will be asked to leave business card or to fill out a short survey.




    INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF EVENTS limited liability company in Warszawa [Warsaw, Poland] (National Business Registry Number: 362582817, Taxpayer Identification Number: 5223039295, National Court Register: 0000577106) as well as INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF EVENTS II limited liability company in Warszawa [Warsaw, Poland] (National Business Registry Number: 362709548, Taxpayer Identification Number: 5223040588, National Court Register: 0000579925) with their head offices in Warsaw, Poland, address: 02-495 Warszawa, ul.Kazimierza Gierdziejewskiego 7/48, hereinafter referred jointly or separately to as “the Joint Controllers”, hereby inform that they process your personal data, such as: first name, surname, contact data (e-mail addresses, phone numbers etc.) information about previous cooperation and – if you run a business or work to an entity running a business – also following information about this entrepreneur: Personal Register Number (PESEL), National Business Registry Number (REGON), Taxpayer Identification Number (NIP), National Court Register Number (KRS) and information on the legal, financial and market position of the firm. You can contact the Joint Controllers anytime in writing (to the address of their registered offices), or electronically to the following e-mail address: rodo@icevents.pl

    The Joint Controllers process your personal data provided by you in order to :

    conclude or to perform concluded with you (or with the entrepreneur you act on behalf of) a supply of goods or services agreement/agreements related to the business conducted by the Joint Controllers;
    implement all the legal obligations resulting from the conclusion and performance of such agreements by the Joint Controllers, e.g. tax or reporting obligations;
    protect the legitimate interests of the Joint Controllers or a third party in connection with the conclusion or performance of such an agreement, e.g. in order to pursue claims from you resulting from an improper performance of the agreement or committing a tort or offence while performing the agreement, or to defend against such claims.
    Providing the above personal data is voluntary, but regarding at least some of the data it may be necessary to conclude or properly perform an agreement with you or the entrepreneur, you act on behalf of , providing the data.

    Your personal data will be processed for the maximum of the period during which claims related to the concluded agreement may be disclosed, i.e. for 4 years from the end of the year in which the agreement expired, 3 of which is the longest possible period of prescription of claims, an additional year reserved in the event of last-minute claims and delivery problems, and calculating from the end of the year is to determine one date of data deletion for the agreement ending in a given year. If, however, any claims are made during this time, you will be informed of the further processing of your data in order to pursue or defend such claims and of the anticipated period of further processing. If you withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data before the conclusion of the agreement or if the agreement is not concluded within 12 months of the last message from you in this matter, your personal data processed for the purpose of the conclusion of this agreement will be immediately deleted by the Joint Controllers.

    Your data may be transferred by the Joint Controllers to the following groups of recipients:

    public authorities and entities performing public tasks or acting on behalf of public authorities, to the extent and for the purposes that result from legal provisions and administrative powers vested in them, for example the supervisory body that controls the correctness of personal data processing by the Joint Controllers, the state, city or municipal police in connection with any prohibited or unlawful acts committed by you;
    employees and contracted parties of the Joint Controllers to the extent that they have been authorized by the Joint Controllers to correspond with you or to perform on behalf of the Joint Controllers the agreement concluded with you or the entity you act on behalf of;
    partners and subcontractors of the Joint Controllers, to whom the Joint Controllers entrusted the individual business processes, including the activities related to the conclusion or performance of the agreement, the performance of obligations arising therefrom, or pursuing claims or defending against claims arising in connection with its conclusion or performance, such as companies providing IT services, accounting offices, tax advisors, law offices, online booking portals, etc., to the extent that these data are necessary for their proper provision of services to the Joint Controllers.

    Due to the processing of your data by the Joint Controllers, you have the right to:

    access your personal data, including the right to obtain a copy of this data;
    request the correction of personal data – if the data is incorrect or incomplete;
    request to delete your personal data (so-called “right to be forgotten”) – if:
    the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed,
    you effectively opposed the processing of your data by the Joint Controllers;
    the data is processed unlawfully,
    the data must be removed in order to comply with the legal obligation;
    requests to limit the processing of personal data– if:
    you question the accuracy of your personal data,
    the data is processed unlawfully, and you oppose their removal, requesting their limitation instead,
    the Joint Controllers no longer needs your data for his purposes, but you need them to establish, defend or pursue the claims,
    you effectively opposed the processing of your data – until it is determined whether the Joint Controller’s legitimate grounds prevail over the grounds of objection;
    objections to the processing of personal data, if there are reasons related to your particular situation and the processing of data is based on the necessity for purposes arising from the legitimate interest of the Joint Controllers;
    file a complaint to the supervisory body – if you decide that the processing of your personal data by the Joint Controllers violates the legal norms.
    Your personal data will not be used for automated decision making, including profiling, and will not be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area or international organizations.

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