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Safety at FIWE

New reality, new event industry. Its middle name is “security”

The time for questions is over. Now we need answers. The event industry has changed in the name of the security.

In times of economic crisis, in order for business to move forward specific and deliberate actions are necessity. Trade fairs and conferences are essential as a platform for creating relations and exchanging views. Events play a key role in rebuilding business and networking after the stagnation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. They are an opportunity to demonstrate the strength and stability of companies that have survived the economic downturn and come back with new solutions. It is also a chance to surpass the competition, which in times of uncertainty did not decide to promote the brand.

The last months have been a time of intensive work for the entire industry and adaptation to what the “new reality” looks like. The pandemic has forced the creation of creative solutions that will enable further business development while ensuring the safety of all who depend on it.

IC Events makes sure that visitors can gain not only as much knowledge as possible from each conference and fair, but also solutions that will help them in their further professional and personal development. Taking care of 100% safety and comfort has become a new challenge. Weeks of intensive work and consultations give us confidence that we are able to provide them.

How do we do it?

1. we will adapt to all guidelines of the Ministry of Health

2. we will set up disinfection points in various places of the facilities

3. we will provide points of purchase for protective masks

4. we will limit the number of visitors so that we can enjoy conferences and fairs in an intimate atmosphere

5. we will increase the social distance between participants thanks to a well-thought-out communication chain to limit unnecessary contact between entering and leaving participants

6. we register only online

The priority of the entire industry is to guarantee the safety of exhibitors, visitors and employees at every stage of the implementation of individual events. We are ready to go back.

Fiwe 2021
10 — 12.09.2021
expo XXI

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