Social Media workshops

Sunday, 11.09.2022, time. 10:20 - 11:00


How to appear in Social Media and use your “5 minutes”?

We cordially invite you to the unique “Social Media Selfmade” workshops, which will be conducted for you by Szymon Grzybczyk, Head of Creation & Social Media at Tears of Joy and Agata Matysiak, CEO of the Athletic Models modeling agency.

knowledge classes about Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and advertising. all of this will be useful in creating your company’s image

Szymon Grzybczyk – manages the Social Media department at the Tears of Joy agency. Once a Polish champion in cross-country relay racing. Currently a fan of creative campaigns, real time marketing and PR. For several years, he has been successfully developing Social Media channels of top brands.

Agata Matysiak – founder of the Athletic Models agency, fitness instructor and dance enthusiast with a special emphasis on Latin. She has nearly ten years of experience in the field of PR and marketing, which she gained in advertising agencies, leading international advertising projects as well as marketing and PR activities for clients from the professional services sector.

Athletic Models – a modeling agency that was created primarily out of passion for sport. We specialize and focus on sports modeling

Szymon Grzybczyk

Block: TikTok

What are the types of communication on TikTok and which ones work best?

Can anyone run on TikTok and why (yes / no)?


Why do I need these social media at all?

A word of introduction about marketing on the Internet.

Are stories better than posts on Insta?

A basic dose of knowledge about Instagram communication.

Can we do it for free?

About organic content, and more precisely, does it still make sense, and if so, what are the tricks to achieving results?

Who, what and how on Facebook.

About communication on Facebook and whether Facebook is only for companies?

Block: Ads

About how to do ads in Facebook.

Rules and tricks for everyone.

About the types of ads on TikTok.

Which ones to use and is it worth it at all?

Agata Matysiak

BLOCK: My own brand

Only in Social Media?

  • How else can I realize my potential?
  • The devil is in the details, that is, lasting and good cooperation with brands.

About communication on Facebook and whether Facebook is only for companies?

Summary and questions from participants