fiwe 2020
18 — 20.09.2020

Warsaw expo xxi


Meet the Gold Sponsor of the FIWE Trade Show: OLIMP SPORT NUTRITION®

OLIMP SPORT NUTRITION® The brand is known and recognized all over the world, with over 29 years of experience in the production of nutrients. What distinguishes their products from other companies usually dealing only with packaging is huge practice and many years of experience in creating, implementing, and producing own, innovative, recipes in t [...]


Another BIG NEWS! Blessing Awodibu – The BOOGIEMAN! Known as Hulk from the Avengers team – Awessibu Blessing hits the FIWE Trade Fair in [...]


LIVE concerts are a total novelty! We mentioned that we are preparing big boom for 2020 🔥 So surprises continue! We are pleased to announce the nex [...]

Meeting with Deynn & Majewski!

Yeah! Deynn and Daniel Majewscy will visit the “Land” of the FIWE Fitness Trade Show 2020 Wonderland As a FIWE society, we surround oursel [...]

Big news about FIWE Trade Show! You didn’t expect that!

Can there be good training without music? A completely new MUSIC scene and LIVE CONCERT enters FIWE. It’s him – Malik Montana – cont [...]

A positive sign on the fitness market! Companies intend to take part in industry-related fairs in Poland in the second half of this year

The last weeks have been far from the easiest in any sector of our economy. The wide-spreading epidemic has had a tremendous impact not only on public [...]

EuropeActive Press Release – EFAF online roundtable proved a huge success

The first Roundtable meeting was convened by EuropeActive on Tuesday 24th March and bought together 12 national associations as part of the European F [...]

FIWE Fitness Trade Show 2020 presents the new installment of the 7th Edition.

We present the new edition of the 7th edition, which, as every year, will take place in Warsaw at the Expo XXI exhibition halls. The theme of the 7th [...]

FIWE 2020 invites you to discover business in Poland!

FIWE is an international meeting of fitness industry, where you can gain new business clients from countries like: Poland, Lativa, Ukraine, Czech Rebu [...]

Fiwe 2020
18 — 20.09.2020
expo XXI

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