The Fitatu® app as a tool for trainers and dietitians. The most popular Fitatu® calorie calculator will be featured at the FIWE Fitness Trade Show!

In today's dynamic world, as awareness of a healthy lifestyle grows, more and more people are choosing to collaborate with trainers and dietitians to achieve their health and fitness goals. Regardless of the fact that the Fitatu® app is incredibly intuitive, enabling self-guided weight loss journeys, it also serves as an excellent support tool for trainers and dietitians.

Challenges in the work of specialists

It might seem that with the assistance of a trainer and a diet plan in place, a patient should be able to go through the weight loss process with confidence. Unfortunately, a common reason for failure is that during this process, the patient is not sufficiently immersed in it, resulting in a lack of lasting behavior change. Greater awareness of consumed calories can help curb snacking between meals, reduce overestimation of energy needs, or provide motivation to follow a training plan.

Fitatu® as a support tool

The Fitatu® app can serve as a supporting tool for trainers and dietitians. Leveraging their knowledge and experience, specialists can help clients input data, determine appropriate energy requirements, and set deficit levels. Depending on the diet goal, they identify key elements for monitoring. In the Premium version, data can be exported, enabling trainers or dietitians to suggest appropriate dietary adjustments to clients for enhanced satiety or nutrition.

Consolidating abundant data in one place

Fitatu® is a multi-tool in working with patients. Apart from its nutritional journal feature, it allows for input and storage of body weight data, considers changes in energy requirements based on activities performed (by linking with fitness apps), and also serves as a source of meal preparation ideas tailored to specific caloric needs.

Fitatu® as a partner for trainers and dietitians

Collaboration with a trainer or dietitian is of immense importance in achieving health goals. Integrating the Fitatu® app into this process not only makes it easier for clients to track their progress, but also aids specialists in managing their clients and facilitating effective communication. The Fitatu® app doesn’t replace the knowledge of trainers and dietitians; rather, it offers support that can strengthen the specialist-client relationship, leading to better results. We will discuss this topic further in our panel during the conference, scheduled for Saturday, September 9, 2023, at 15:15.

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