Kevin Levrone, is an IFBB professional bodybuilder who is considered one of the most charismatic and talented athletes of all time.In 2016, Levrone, 52, braved the Mr Olympia stage to compete against himself and prove that there is still plenty of animus in him. His goal is to inspire those around him. Kevin believes that every person has a story to tell and a legacy to leave behind. Levrone wanted to be the best from a young age and his strong will and determination, eventually led him to the top of professional bodybuilding. To date, Levrone has made history as one of the best athletes in the sport. Unlike most of his peers who would retire for a well-deserved rest, Levrone has not rested – he is one of the few American IFBB professional bodybuilders who has competed tirelessly throughout Europe, where he has won at numerous shows. Today, Kevin has a loyal following around the world and his beloved fans hold a special place in his heart. Kevin’s great number of awards and achievements are the result of his many starts – he has competed 68 times in IFBB Professional competitions. Currently, Levrone is one of the record holders in professional bodybuilding with 23 major awards won in the professional division throughout his career. Kevin has also been inducted into the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame. Always ready to take advantage of the opportunities opening up to him

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Marcin Zieliński Team Napalm (Sportsman, fascinated by bodybuilding and weight training. Passionate, who persistently pursues his goal and as a trainer infects his pupils with this. Multiple medallist in international NPC events, fascinated by bodybuilding and weight training. He is passionate about his goal and, as a trainer, he is infectious with this in his pupils.
Krystian Wolski Team Napalm (Personal trainer, father and owner of the Wolski Gym. A lover of strength sports from an early age associated with sport. Winner of many medals and titles in the national and international arena. Since 2018 an active competitor of the largest bodybuilding federation in the world IFBB PRO League).Mariusz Tomczuk team Napalm (IFBB PRO competitor, 4-time Polish Champion in bodybuilding and winner of the PCA and PCA PRO World Championships. Twice stood on the 3rd step of the podium at Mr. Olympia Amateur competitions, confirming his international aspirations. When he takes the stage, he not only shows off his body, but also the titanic work, determination and passion he has put into it. He is now using the skills he has gained as a competitor and coach to work with FA® to achieve further goals together and to motivate others to do more.
Mateusz Leśniak “Tarzan” team FA under the brand Napalm
Lukasz Killer team FA under the Napalm brand (a heavyweight bodybuilder who devotes a lot of time to developing his body through regular strength training and healthy nutrition).